Product Details & Technical Spec

Features & Benefits

  • ZA290 LED lights are NATA certified and ICAO / MOS139 compliant.
  • Tested to meet the requirements of NSW DOH and ACT Helicopter Ambulance
  • Designed for harsh conditions.
  • LED light source – extremely long life.
  • Power consumption 10% of incandescent lamps.
  • Power savings of 50-75% over entire system.
  • NVG compatible, Infra-red output at 850nm.
  • Glass Lenses, anodised aluminium body.
  • Power options: low voltage 24 or 48 V DC or 230VAC mains power (dimmable with suitable driver)


ZA290LIR lights are available in all CASA and ICAO aviation colors.

  • Green – TLOF, FATO
  • White – TLOF, FATO, Flight path alignment.
  • Blue – Taxiway, Parking position.
  • Yellow – Holding Point.Flight Path Alignment
  • Red – Obstacle marking