Product Details & Technical Spec

Features & Benefits

The portable (or Tactical) PAPI is the direct result of Research Engineers collaboration with Air Forces under operational conditions. The emphasis of the PAPI design is on portability, rapid deployment and ease of maintenance. Suitable for both civilian and military use, the Portable PAPI is a standard NATO stock item.

Two PAPI units, each with two projectors, have been found to be entirely satisfactory for landing all types of fixed wing aircraft in APAPI configuration. Operational experience shows that 100 watt lamps are adequate if the PAPI is used predominantly at night.

PAPI slope angle is set quickly and simply using three legs. The front PAPI legs level the unit laterally whilst the rear leg provides the elevation adjustment.

The modular concept

Interchangeable Projectors – Simplifying maintenance & spares management.
Minimal Field Maintenance – Individual projectors can be replaced in seconds.
Stable Reference – Projectors are mounted on a precision base plate.


  • Precision spirit level with micrometer screw adjustment
  • Calibrated in degrees and minutes
  • Overall accuracy better than 1 minute of arc
  • Operating range from -50 C to +70 C
  • Supplied in protective fitted case


  • Temperature Operating Range: -50 to +70 degrees Centigrade
  • Accuracy: Better than 1 minute of arc
  • FAA Approved
Australian Made