Product Details & Technical Spec

Airport Lighting Specialists supply custom built solar power supplied obstacle light & power supplies as required.

Many of the 24V MOS139 compliant fittings that we supply can be integrated with a custom power supply unit according to site and demand requirements.

Low and/or Medium intensity fittings can be supplied in this fashion.

A solar array consists of the required amount of solar panels, regulator and battery bank along with necessary controls and circuit protection.

These kinds of systems are suited to remote areas where there is no form of power supply but a requirement still exists for a structure to be lit according to MOS139 chapter 9.4 : Obstacle lighting.

Components are selected according to power demand and expected mounting arrangements paying particular attention to things such as site security/access and exposure to the elements.

Supplementary to our custom made solar powered obstacle lighting solutions, we are distributors of another make of proprietary solar powered obstacle lighting that may also be suitable to our customer’s needs.

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