Product Details & Technical Spec

Designed as a direct replacement for the ageing DCA PAALC. This 19 inch rack mount unit offers two different configurations at the flick of a switch:

  • PAALC – Pilot Actuated Airport Lighting Control
  • AFRU + PAL – Aerodrome Frequency Response Unit + Pilot Actuated Lighting

Features & Benefits

  • PAALC only for airfield lighting control with voice confirmation
  • AFRU only voice response and beep back
  • AFRU + PAL for both functions
  • ACMA compliant transceiver for ground to air communication
  • 19” rack or shelf mounting
  • Backup battery for power outages
  • Tuned for 15NM range with supplied antenna and 10m cable
  • Made in Australia for harsh conditions.
  • Local support and backup
  • Comprehensive installation and operation manual
  • Control tower override input
  • Fail safe operation, lights turn ON if PAALC fails.
  • Aerodrome unserviceability message option
  • 30 or 60 minute lighting periods are selectable by operator
  • Lighting inspection / test mode


Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia)

CASA Manual of Standards Part 139,
Ch 9 Section 9.19,9.20 Pilot Activated Lighting Systems
Ch 22 Section 22.04 Frequency Confirmation Systems
ACMA compliant transceiver ICOM A120E