Product Details & Technical Spec

 Stand-alone solar airport lighting. Reticulated 6.6A and Low voltage options. Engineered for reliability. 

Features & Benefits

  • PAALC for airfield lighting control.
  • AGL, PAPI, IWDI and flood lighting to MOS standards.
  • Low maintenance.
  • User replaceable components.
  • Made in Australia for harsh conditions.
  • Local support and backup.
  • Comprehensive installation and operation manual.
  • Fail safe operation, lights turn ON if PAALC fails.
  • Lighting inspection / test mode.
  • System capacity upgradable.
  • Sealed Lead Acid or Lithium batteries.

Operation Modes

  • Pilot activation via PAALC.
  • Manual operation by operator.
  • Dusk to dawn operation via light sensor.

System Sizing

Solar panels and battery capacity are calculated based on system runtime and solar availability for worst case with ample back up. Additional runtime can be provided by a small portable or permanent automatic generator. The solar and battery components can be upgraded if operational requirements increase.


  • These systems use our compliant lights and PAALC units but utilize solar as the primary power source.
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia (CASA)
  • CASA Manual of Standards Part 139,
Australian Made